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Catering Partners

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van abels truck at axe

DRINK - Appleton Axe offers a full lineup of Local Craft Beers, Hard Seltzers & Sodas.  We really try to be hyper-local in our selection of these drinks.  We have lots of fun drinks and can wet most any appetite.  

EAT - We do work closely with several local restaurants and they have some great catering options for any size group!   Check out our preferred vendors Stucs Pizza. and Van Abel's of Hollandtown. 

Stuc's is just a few feet away from our store and they will WALK the food over to you.  Van Abel's of Hollandtown has been a catering partner of ours for many years and have lots of different options and can handle any size group. 

Want to further the conversation?  Please email us at or call us at 920-257-4358.